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Do you want to know what device your website users are using? Is it a phone? Is it a PC? Or is it a tablet?
Now, by adding a piece of code on your website or any other webpage, you can count the number of the types of devices your website visitors are using. This is a free service. There is no charge.
The process to achieve such functionality is also very simple. You just set some parameters and customize the appearance you want; then, you will get a piece of code to add to your webpage code.
You not only can collect valuable visitor data, but also increase how fun your website is. At the same time, you can also view more detailed information on the counter's page, including proportion of visitors' operating systems and device brands and historical trends.

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What's displayed by the counter´╝Ü

Histogram of visitor's device brands

Grid of visitor's device brands

Histogram of visitor's device models

Visitor's device models Wall

Histogram of visitor's device type

Grid of visitor's device type

Histogram of visitor's device os

Grid of visitor's device os

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